img02Although European production of grain legumes is low, consumption in the region is high and still increasing. Protein-rich animal feed is the first outlet for European grain legumes. This demand greatly exceeds European production, leading to a high dependency on imports. Thanks to their multifunctional and chemical properties, legumes provide society with diverse agro ecosystem services, such as: food/feed products; seed components; fibres and biomass; and biofuels and chemicals.

LEGUVAL will help to address common problems and challenges facing the agro-food value chain (from growers, to food processors, to plastic packaging manufacturing companies) in relation to reducing their dependence on petroleum-based sources, by providing them with know-how and technology for the use of renewable sources that do not compete with food, and for the valorisation of wastes otherwise devoted to low value application or incineration. The use of more sustainable materials in packaging is a key demand from the consumers while also a need for the producer in order to comply with waste reduction legislations