IMAGENLEGUVAL is a 3 year R&D Project that is being funded by EC´s Seventh Framework Programme under the Research for the benefit SME associations scheme. The LEGUVAL consortium is composed of 12 partners: 3 SME-AGs, 4 research centres and 5 other enterprises and end-users from 4 European Member States. LEGUVAL targets the use and valorisation of co-products and by-products of processed grain legumes by the extraction of the proteinaceous fraction to be used as a raw material in packaging and agricultural material preparation, and the use of the leftover biomass as an additive in composites production, as well as source of biogas by anaerobic digestion.

In response to current legislation, and environmental concerns the industry is increasingly forced to find an alternative use for the residual matter. The recovery of high value compounds is a profitable way of reusing by-products streams. Vegetable residues mostly contain considerable amounts of potentially interesting compounds (the average chemical composition of by-product legumes is dry residue 21%, protein 6%, starch 3,5%, fibres 8%, sugars 2%). Biodegradable polymers are gaining increasing importance in packaging as bio-recycling through composting represents a very valuable option in packaging applications where collecting, sorting from food, and cleaning are not viable.