Logo-Tuba TUBA (Lajovic Tuba Embalaza Doo), Slovenia SME with knowledge in packaging materials converting (especially for tubes) and end uses
Logo-Teknos TEHNOS (Tehnos Podjetje za Proizvodnjo Orod ij Strojev in Predelavo Plasticnih Mas Doo Zalec), Slovenia SME with an expertise in tool making and thermoplastics, thermosets and rubber converting
Logo-Rodax  RDX (SC RODAX IMPEX Laboratori s.r.l.), Romania SME specialised in in packaging and related machinery/ processes and testing
Logo-PoliEKO POLIEKO (Technology Center Poli-Eko), Slovenia RTD with an expertise in processing of plastics, manufacturing and construction of tools, in bio-polymers, novel packaging materials, food assessment and development of new active and intelligent packaging materials.
Logo-Iris IRIS (Innovacio i Recerca Industrial i Sostenible), Spain Coordinator having expertise in biopolymers and in engineering of plastics processing plants.
 IPCF-CNR (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche), Italy RTD with knowledge about the chemical propertis of the polymers investigated, the chemical strategies to improve properties of the materials, the reactivity of the polymer phase and the behaviour of polymer pahses in the presence of dispersed pahase (inorganic, organic, synthetic, natural)
Logo-Tecnalia TECNALIA (Fundación Tecnalia Research & Innovation), Spain RTD with knowledge in packaging, food preservation and in the development and use of biopolymers and edible coatings for these purposes.
Logo-SSICA SSICA (Stazione Sperimentale per l’industria delle Conserve Alimentari), Italy RTD with an expertise of fruit, vegetable, meat and fish processing and biomass and their processing as novel materials, biogas production
Logo-Consebro CONSEBRO (Asociación de Industrias agroalimentarias de Navarra, La Rioja y Aragón), Spain SME-AGs with knowledge in food production processes and products
Logo-Assocomaplast ASSOCOMOPLAST (Associazione Nazionale Costruttori di Macchine e Stampi per Materie Plastiche e Gomma), Italy SME-AGs with knowledge in plastic converting machinery
Logo-GP PCS (Giz Grozd Plasttehnika Slovenian Plasttchnics Cluster), Slovenia SME-AGs with an expertise in plastic materials and their converting processes.
Logo-La-Grana La Grana (La Grana – Alimentació ecològica), Spain SME food producer and packer